Ace Zip V3.2 : 

#1 Download Now  .exe (2.25mb)

#2 Download Now  .exe (2.25mb)


Batch Images Now V1.2 :

#1 Download Now  .exe (3.63mb)

#2 Download Now  .exe (3.63mb)


Anti Spam Boy V2.3 :

#1 Download Now  .exe (1.79mb)

#2 Download Now  .exe (1.79mb)


ABC Lock Patch V1.0

Download Now  .zip  (20k)

Duplicate File Killer  V1.8 :

#1 Download Now  .exe (2.81mb)

#2 Download Now  .exe (2.81mb)


Encrypt Text in Picture  V1.2 :

#1 Download Now  .exe (1.29mb)

#2 Download Now  .exe (1.29mb)


Photo to Puzzle  V1.0 : New!

#1 Download Now  .exe (2.56mb)

#2 Download Now  .exe (2.56mb)


DietJPEG              V1.2 : New!

#1 Download Now  .exe (1.16mb)

#2 Download Now  .exe (1.16mb)


Kimmie Album     V1.3 : New!

#1 Download Now  .exe (3.39mb)

#2 Download Now  .exe (3.39mb)


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 System requirements:

  • Computer/Processor: 
    Celeron 300 Mhz 64MB RAM (win9x) or 128MB RAM (Win2k/XP) or higher processor. 

  • Operating System: 
    Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP/2003. If you are running a version of Windows NT, you must be running Windows NT Service Pack 3 or higher. 

  • Memory:                                                                                                                                     For Windows 95 and Windows 98: 16 MB (megabytes) of RAM minimum
    For all other versions of Windows:  32 MB of RAM minimum 

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